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Rivers, Lakes, Hot Springs

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Cascade and Valley county are filled with some of the best fishing and water-based recreation in Idaho. We have you covered from rafting and kayaking to fishing and paddle boarding. We have hot springs for soaking and some of the best ice fishing in the world.

Lake Cascade

Located less than 2 minutes from Birch Glen Lodge and Motel on the North Fork of the Payette river it has a surface area of 47 square miles.  Lake Cascade is the fourth largest lake or reservoir in the state. The closest city is Cascade and Donnelly.

For stocking, seasonal rules and licenses Check out Idaho Fish Planner

Best trout, perch, and smallmouth fishing around!
A list of fish that have been observed in Lake Cascade.

If fishing isn’t what you’re here for then take a dip, relax on the shore, and watch the sailboats. So many options on Lake Cascade.

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